Saturday, January 21, 2012

Changui Bongos

These drums where brought to me to identify and repair however the owner decided to move them right to the open market. these are some really cool Changui style drums. We are up in the air on the builder some say Flores some say Cuban born... either way the wood shells are made from highly figured wood and show minimal wear/no cracks. the macho head is nice the hembra needs to be replaced ( I will provide free of charge). reasonable offers considered. thanks for looking

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Elusive art of hide selection

There is no doubt in my mind that the elusive art of hide selection is a dying craft.  Id like to keep it alive!

I find it interesting though that custom drum builders cant seem to figure out that not all rawhide is created equal. 

But I know one man that stands alone in the crowd and when the new (reissue) line hits the market ( hint hint) everyone will be very pleased with the skins ( fingers crossed).

If I had the time I would set up a poll but I'm just going to put it out here and ask for feedback via email.

What skins have you had luck with on congas bongos batas ECT ECT… I'm looking for all the variations Mule Steer/Cow bison buffalo you know the drill.  Share it with us. @  

What do you look for in a skin for each drum @ each thickness… Share it with us. @  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Interesting EBAY Listing

Check out this ebay Auction for a nice Sekere


Here is a Sekere, Inspired by the late  Morty Sanders,   Hand selected gourd and hand etched Brass and inlaid neck.
Beautiful tone and playing Action, Wood beads Med size..
Very traditional Cuban shape. Etched with the Likeness of Chango..

We are in no way comparing this Sekere's to the Work of Morty Sanders, Morty was a true Artisan.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some more thoughts

Are you a player that likes Artisan drums? Do you like having something that is of superior quality and may be a bit more exclusive in nature…. There is not doubt in my mind that many of the US based drum builders make killer drums. In-fact 2 of them are making probably the best drums on the market… We know who they are I don't need to name names…. I find it interesting however that they both buy hides from the same guy. i find it strange that we would accept this from a builder of this caliber. Since the skin makes for a major percentage of the tone of the drum why not go for something proprietary.

Proprietary rawhide. interesting concept. L&H Percussion has an agreement with a tannery to follow a process that is minimally destructive , for lack of a better term.

I have recently seen 2 drum builders one new here in the US and one in Belize talk about having proprietary rawhide. I have not see the hides from Belize but he claims to “ tan” them in house. Now this a pretty crazy thought as I know the type of drums this guy produces. Glue lines poor measurements, roller marks on the stainless… just sloppy ( but he only wants to sell to rumberos, santeros, Omo Ana per an email shared on Conga place ). I can just see his hack crew taking rawskins and poorly dry them and allow for people to play on crap that will continue to decompose and smell or worse kill you due to anthrax…. But not to worry if you do buy a set from him you may never actually get it as he likes to take your money and run…..

The second drum builder with his proprietary rawhide has some crap on a poorly carved Del Cielo wanabe drum.. this crap was pretty much what you can get from Stern or Hide house. Not to mention that it was 3mm over to about 1.7mm with the worst tuck I've ever seen …Slight variation my ass…. it was bleached and looked like every other generic Steer hide.

The short of it is L&H Percussion has an exclusive agreement with a tannery that makes High End Leather for Italian furniture to make solely for L&H the best rawhide available in the US. They are a family business operation internationally and domestic for 30 yrs… They are the pros we just learned what works for drumming and gave them the formula while maintaining quality control here in the NY area. If you want to take your sound to new heights try L&H we can give you the best playing experience possible…

This is Rawhide!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Descendientes del Ritmo A soon to be released project another preview (unfinished studio mixes)


"Vete Tu"
Changüi Nueva Yorkquino

Giovanni Hidalgo: Changüi Bongó
Eddie Bobé: Tres, coro & percussion
Juan Papo Garay: Lead vocals & composer of Vete Tu
Chris Theberge: Tumbadoras (Congas)
Reut Regev: Trombone
Abraham Rodriguez: Coro


"Mama No Quiere"

Giovanni Hidalgo: Congas
Eddie Bobé: Tres Vocal percussion
Orlando Puntilla Rios: Bata Iyá
Eddie Bobé: Itotelé
Chris Theberge: Okonkolo
Reut Regev: Trombone
Abraham Rodriguez: Vocals